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A vocation
for fashion
Fashion, style and fit merge in all the Confezione M.T.collections with...


Confezione M.T. identifies itself in the pure concept of Made in Italy, the real, genuine variety, based on creativity and a modern, technical expertise in model-making, built-up and refined over the years.
The garments created by Confezione M.T. stand out for the use of elegant materials and refined forms while maintaining two key features: quality and innovation, a sign of its well-established tradition. The importance of the choice of raw materials, at the moment of making up the product, is one of the company's guiding principles. Style, clean lines and design thus merge in a continuous product research guaranteeing our customers fashionable items of clothing which do not go out of date as the almost inevitable consequence of our specific philosophy and way of working.
PRESS, press folder.
A section provided for the various editorial publications about the company and its products.
An accurate analysis and survey of our brands, a window onto the world of fashion which is talking about us.